Office Bearers 2020-21

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Arnav Bhardwaj


Having had the honour of been doing MUNs in all capacities since more than the past 4 years now I have a natural fondness towards them and truly advocate in the abilities of MUNs to not just shape personalities but more so inspire real change in the world.
I look forward to making our members believe and appreciate this activity.

Khwaish Juneja

Associate President

I believe that being a part of a team and taking part in co-curricular activities is extremely important as you’re able to take your mind off of academics and just enjoy with your team. Being a part of the MUN Cell at ISBF helps me to do just that. I look forward to meeting and working with all of our new members!

Kanan Gupta

Vice President

Over the past one year, ISBF has made me grow as a leader and taught me team work, and I would give my best to share my experience with you for a successful year ahead. I hope you have a memorable experience and simultaneously grow as debaters and moreover, learn something which could benefit you in future as leaders.