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Pinar Gültekin murder case

Violence against women is not an uncommon practice. The recent killing of 27-year-old student Pinar Gültekin by her former boyfriend, however, sent shock waves through the country.  She was beaten and strangled to death by the man. He then tried burning the corpse in a nearby forest.

Mystery of Aurora 'Pearl Necklaces’

Powerful new computer models combined with observations from NASA’s THEMIS mission (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms) have provided the first strong evidence of the events in space that lead to the appearance of these beads.

the 2020 explosion in beirut

The catastrophic Beirut blasts on August 4, which left more than 200 dead and 6,000 injured, have reignited anti-government protests in Lebanon. The demonstrations, which began peacefully, have since taken a violent turn, with police launching teargas canisters at protesters.