Events at ISBF MUN and Debating Cell

The ISBFMUN and Debating Cell over the next few months is gonna start it’s Model UN training and Ambassadorship programs allowing students to explore the horizons of Diplomacy, Policy Making and constructive discussion. They are also going to initiate their very own Toastmasters International Chapter to allow for students to polish and enhance their public speaking skills. On the Social Media front, following their own Talk show called ‘People’s Talk’ they shall be having personalities from the upper  echelons of various fields to engage with students of ISBF. The ISBFMUN & Debating Cell shall also be hosting their First ever Leadership Conclave, a meeting of senior leadership from the premier MUN Cells across the globe in an attempt to formulate an ambitious coalition that spreads the message of Model UN and constructive discussions all across the board.